About the Program

The following was obtained from Crotched Mountain. These are their guidelines as passed down from Vail Resorts. Please see their document here

Program cost is $149 for the five Fridays. Lessons are an additional $80. Rentals are an additional $60.

Program waiver may be found here.

Masks:  worn 100% of the time inside & outside, unless actively skiing/riding, or actively eating/drinking

Tickets: outside ticket windows will be used as much as possible this season. Voyager cards are numbered, not named- Leaders please track which member gets which numbered card. Lost cards will only be able to be reprinted with that number.

Rentals: Guests will enter from the outside, lesson area side of the lodge. Pods will be set up, distanced, through the department. One staff member will work with one pod. Guests exit into lodge to place shoes in cubbies and head outside

Cubbies/Lockers: Cubbies are for shoes of rental guests only. No daily or seasonal lockers this year. Think of your car as your cubby/locker- No bags in the lodge.

Bathrooms: Entry door propped open to limit contact. No air dryers. Port-a-potties will be an option outside.

Lessons: 6 students to 1 instructor ratio max. Contactless (instructors may not help a kiddo up, adjust a boot, etc.). No 5 or 6 year olds in Voyager lessons. 7-17 year olds only.

Lift Operations: 6 ft distancing in lift lines. For those in a lesson, health self-screening expected before arrival; instructor may ride with student(s); all students in same lesson group are considered “related party”/”pod”
For those not in a lesson: Only related party/household may ride quad together; 2 friends from different household may ride quad together at opposite ends

Food & Beverage: Due to state regulations (and this is a change since many of our phone conversations), we will be seating guests upstairs. We cannot allocate tables for groups. Fridays will be the biggest challenge.

CLUB Refund Policy: 
If you have to cancel the club (as a whole group, due to school orders and/or COVID-19 restrictions); your members will receive a full refund for any unused portion of the program.  If the resort were mandated to close or instructed to discontinue the program; your members will receive a full refund for any unused portion of the program.

INDIVIDUAL Refund Policy:
If a member were to become injured or ill and deemed medically unable to participate in the program this year, with a doctor’s note, we can issue them a refund for any unused portion of the program.

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