Friday 1/17 Update
Hi all – what a weird week. From 65 last Sunday to the teens tomorrow. Insane. 

Crotched got a few inches of natural snow and the groomers have been hard at work (snow report is here). The snow guns are firing and we’re looking for very good conditions tomorrow night (Friday). It will be cold, but should not be windy, so it should be bearable. Break out the hand warmers and layers and let’s have some fun!

As we all know, there are no guarantees that future Fridays will be easier or better. (This is winter in New Hampshire…) Let’s layer up and face Winter and reserve rescheduling for severely cold/dangerous temps and/or downright rain. 

Adults, if you need a ticket, you can walk into the Group Sales office and purchase discounted adult lift tickets that are valid from 1-9 PM.

Think (more) Snow!

1/10/20: Weekly update about the program:

Hi all – thanks to everyone for getting pics and waivers to Crotched. I believe everyone has their passes; please let me know if you do not.

Weather looks good for tonight, clear, maybe a little chilly (I’ve seen anything from 20 to 39 degrees, so who really knows). So the program is ON.

It may be busier than last week due to the fact that we started before many other school programs, so just be prepared.

You can also walk into the Group Sales office and purchase discounted adult lift tickets that are valid from 1-9 PM.

Anyway, have fun on the slopes! Think Snow!

1/3/20: Pass pickup and contact person info below.

Where can you get passes from me?
Friday 1/3: My wife Jennifer will be on the top floor of the Bedford Library from 8:45-9:15 AM, just inside the entrance.

I will still be at Crotched as early as possible (probably 5:15 PM) wearing a purple Crotched sweatshirt and Ride & Ski powder pants, holding a “Bedford Ski Program” sign. **Please do not try to call me, texting is fine but unreliable.**

After 6:00 PM, please go to the Group Sales office (the door to the left of the front office) to pick up your passes as I will be leaving them there, and you can pick them up there after that point.

1/1/20: I am picking up passes at Crotched today.

Where can you get passes from me?
Thursday 1/2: I will be at Harvest Market (Wallace and 101) in the coffee/seating area right as you walk in from noon-12:40 or so. I will also be at the Bedford Whole Foods in the front near the coffee bar from 2:20-3:00. I will be wearing a tan sweater and jeans.

Friday 1/3: I will be at BCTV at 10 Meetinghouse Road in Bedford from 8:45-9:15 AM. As well, I will be at Crotched at 5:15-6:00 PM holding a sign that says “Bedford Ski Program” downstairs in the main lodge, basically right as you walk into the equipment rental area. I will be wearing a purple Crotched hoodie and pants with the Ride & Ski Card logo on the shins.

In case we have not met: I am a white male in his 40s, 5’10”, 190#, with a buzz cut. I may be wearing a tan winter hat.

Also, also: I get horrible cell reception at Crotched, so calling me is useless, plus I hate to be rude and interrupt a conversation with someone by saying “oh, I have a call.” I recommend texting if you absolutely need to reach me. I do not have Facebook on my phone, so sending me a Facebook message is also useless. You can also email me at loren@tcbagency.com. People did get rather irate that I was not picking up the phone last year so I am attempting to mitigate that.

If, for any reason, the weather is bad and we push our start date out a week, I will let you know as early in the day as possible.